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July 2019

The VVCC hires Farzaneh Assadian to assist with custon cloning efforts

March 2019

The VVCC hires Mehrsa Zahiremami to assist with AAV and lentiviral packaging efforts

January 2019

The VVCC completes its 300th viral packaging project and 100th custom cloning project

August 2018

The VVCC hires Melody Truong to assist with custom cloning projects

July 2018

The VVCC was awarded an OVPR Research Infrastructure Award, leveraging the generous matching support from institutional partners: the Medical Discovery Team on Addiction, MnDRIVE, the Institute for Translational Neuroscience, and the Masonic Cancer Center.

June 2018

The VVCC completes its 1st project for an external client

February 2018

The VVCC completes its 100th viral packaging project

July 2017

The VVCC hires JingYing (Angel) Zhang to help with AAV packaging efforts

May 2017

The VVCC is formally established as a UMN Internal Service Organization!